Kitsap Lost Pets provides free online listings for lost and found pets in Kitsap County, WA. Listings, including pictures of lost and found pets, are posted at no charge. Please use the resources on this site to help you get reunited with your lost pet. Posting flyers and word of mouth are still the best ways to find a missing pet, so make sure you canvas your neighborhood. If you are reunited with your pet please notify us so we can remove the listing.

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If your lost/found pet situation has been resolved, please let us know so we can update or remove the listing

Safeguard your dogs and cats before they are lost using these commonsense tips:

• Pet-proof your yard. Be sure to check your fence regularly for new escape routes.

• Keep fence gates securely locked.

• Always transport a cat in a carrier.

• Always leash or crate a dog when away from home.

• Get some good photos of your pet now. Take close up photos that show detail and any distinguishing features of your pet.

• Always keep a collar on your pet with a tag that has your current phone number on it.

• Microchip your pet -- if a collar becomes lost or removed this is the only way to identify your pet. Shelters do not routinely check for tattoos.

• Spay and Neuter your pets -- both males and females are less likely to wander if they are fixed.

• Always use a trustworthy and reputable pet sitter or boarding service.

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