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Lost Dog Search Tips

Begin your search in the last place the dog was known to have been.

Search your own property. Sick and injured dogs instinctively hide to protect their vulnerability. Check all nooks and crannies around your home. Dogs have been found in abandoned wells, culverts, and under storage sheds.
Bring a powerful flashlight, (even during daylight hours) for checking dark spaces.

Place strong smelling articles outside your home to attract your pet. Place a dog’s bedding and favorite toys outside. Place some unwashed laundry of the family in a box outside. If it’s warm weather, crate other family pets and place them outside in a safe and secure area.

Try to think like your dog. Where would he go? Does he have a buddy down the street? If there is a school nearby, would he be attracted to the children? Walk the neighborhood, talk to everybody and leave your phone number.

Flyers are very effective. Post flyers, including a photo of your dog and an unspecified reward, all over your neighborhood, grocery stores, post office, in veterinary offices, grooming businesses, boarding facilities, shelters, pet stores, schools, and other businesses.
Use the Best Friends "Flyer Maker"

Alert people who are out and about such as mail carriers, newspaper carriers, pizza deliverers, and children who play in the neighborhood. Make some noise while you walk around the neighborhood- use the whistle your dog is used to responding to for treats.

Post a Lost Dog Report here, and Search Found Reports for a match.

Contact Kitsap Humane Society's Lost Pet Hotline

Post an ad in the newspaper. Most of these ads run free of charge. When run time is ended, wait a few days and place the ad again. Also read the found ads.

Check with all shelters, pounds, veterinary offices, and boarding facilities within a 50 mile radius. Visit as many of them as you can every two to three days. Do not rely on a description over the phone as different people may describe the same dog very differently. About 1/3 of lost dogs are found more than ten miles from home.

Check with the Department of Transportation and Animal Control who pick up dead animals. If your pet is found this way, it’s better than not knowing.

Never give up. Dogs have been found after months and even years.