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What to do with a Found Cat

Here are a few tips:

Check the cat for a collar and tag. If he isn’t wearing one and he’ll let you pick him up safely, take him to a local animal shelter or veterinary hospital and ask them to scan him for a microchip.

While you are there, the staff can help you determine the cat’s breed and color. They’ll also help you determine the cat’s sex, and if the cat is already spayed or neutered.

Put a collar on the cat asking his people to call you. - use paper and clear packing tape for the message.


Place notices in all of your neighbor’s mailboxes. Don’t just go to the houses on either side of you…walk up the road and around the block. While lost indoor cats are usually only 2-3 houses away, a frightened outdoor cat might run several houses away and then become disoriented. Use the Best Friends Flyer Maker.

Don’t assume that you know what all of your neighbor’s cats look like. Remember that many of your neighbors probably have indoor-only cats that you have never seen.

Don’t assume that thin or limping cats are abused. One nice lady found a tiny, emaciated black cat who was limping. She assumed the worse—that someone had tossed the little darling from a moving car. It took an hour of constant encouragement to get the nice lady to post signs about the cat in her neighborhood. Not only was she sure she knew what all her neighbors’ cats looked like, she didn’t want to return this cat to a life of abuse. Sure enough, the cat wasn’t an abused little kitten. He was an elderly cat in end stage kidney failure with arthritis. He had always lived indoors and had wandered off when the pet sitter’s back was turned. He was able to return to live safely with his family.

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